Residential Locks

Fix your Home’s Locks

Losing keys to your house or apartment is annoying. You also run the risk of burglary. Read below to solve your problems:


I have lost my front/back door keys: Brad’s Lock Service will help you

  • Gain entry to your home
  • Change to new locks to prevent use of old keys. This is crucial for your home security.
  • Create duplicate keys for your new lock.

My key is broken and stuck in the lock: Brad’s Lock Service will help you

  • Remove the old key from the lock
  • Regain entry to your home
  • Repair/ replace the old lock

Should I change my locks?

If you believe your key was stolen, or you see signs that someone try to pick your lock, you should:

  • Immediately upgrade to higher security locks that meet insurance requirements

I have lost my garage door key:

Garage door keys are usually different from front/back door keys. Brad’s Lock Service will help you rekey, duplicate. You may also want to change to higher security locks.

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